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X-Ray Scans Your Body, Not Only Your Bags

By: Rachele Cermak

To decrease the threat of terrorists attacks a new device to be used at airport security check points went into effect Friday.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has implemented the use of an X-ray body scanner to get a clear view of weapons. While in the trial period, the machine will be used to scan passengers voluntary to make sure it can be just as fast as the pat-down search officals use. It will not be used for routine searches. It will be an option during secondary screenings.

The images taken by the scanner have been designed to show hidden weapons but blurs any descriptive body curves.This machine won't negatively effect children or woman who are pregnant. The machine does not pose a health risk because the radiation bounces back to the scanner. It is a very shallow penetration the skin.

The machine costs $110,000 and is about the size of a vending machine. Los Angeles International Airport and at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York hope to have the new deviced installed. The machine is already being used in some prisons, by United States customs and at Heathrow Airport in London.