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Marines Forced to Give Up the Right to Their Skin

By Rachele Cermak

A new tattoo policy is ineffect for the Marines in hopes to clarify the pre-existing one.

New arm-length tattoos, known as sleeves, are no longer allowed. Tattoos from the knee down are also no longer allowed. The revised policy was encouraged to form a uniformed understanding of permitted tattoos to be fair.

Marines already tattooed will be photographed to make sure no new ink is added to the forbidden skin.

Not all Marines feel this route is fair.

"The fact I can't put something on my body that I want - it's a big thing to tell me I can't do that," said Cpl. David Nadrchal, 20.

Being within regulation used to mean not having ink on the back of hands or necks. There wasn't a policy stating arm-length tattoo weren't allowed but it would limit Marine career advancements.