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Menu Foods Will Take Blame for Pet Deaths

By: Rachele Cermak

Menu Foods will take financial responsibility for the pet deaths linked to their product, which last week was recalled due to rat poison contamination.

Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style pet food was found to be tainted with rat poison. It is not clear how the poison contaminated the product. Sixteen animal deaths have been linked to the incident. The poison is known to cause kidney failure in animals. The most popular effected brands are Iams and Eukanuba.

The substance in the food was identified as aminopterin, a cancer drug that once was used to induce abortions in the United States and is still used to kill rats in some other countries, state Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker said.

60 million cans and pouches of pet food have been recalled. The company manufacturers over 100 brands of pet food.