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Abortion Legal in Mexico

Summed up by: Rachele Cermak

Mexico City's City Council legalized first-trimester abortions Tuesday by a vote of 46-19. Abortion opposition ran strong in the most influential Latino city.

Opposition is already preparing a Supreme Court challenge of the law. The law gives women in the nation's capital the right to an abortion in the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy. The measure will take effect after its signing by Mexico City's leftist mayor, Marcelo Ebrard.

The Catholic Church threatened to excommunicate lawmakers who support abortion rights, doctors who perform them and women who have them.

"Decriminalizing abortion is a historic triumph -- a triumph of the left," said city legislator Jorge Diaz Cuervo, a social democrat who voted for the bill. "Today, there is a new atmosphere in this city. It is the atmosphere of freedom."

Controversy arose over the law because it's an issue of personal freedom, social inequality, womens' health and of religion.