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"Diet Coke's Underwear Strategy" -RR

The two authors definitely use different approaches in these works. Gray's style is analytical while Walker's writing here is critical. By critical I don't necessarily mean negative, but that he is doing a critique of the ad. In this case it seems to be not entirely positive. I haven't seen the ad that he is writing about, but I would have to agree with the way he questions the comparison of old underwear to Diet Coke. He seems to find the idea of old underwear as nostalgic and comforting a bit creepy. I don't find the comparison troubling, but to me it's just arbitrary. Even if you buy into the notion of positive associations with worn-out undies, there is a bit of a stretch I think from there to the "comfort" of a Diet Coke. The two are so different and unrelated. Maybe it's just me because I didn't grow up drinking Coke, diet or otherwise. My interpretation is that the intended audience for the ad is actually existing, longtime Coke drinkers. You would have to drink a lot of Coke over a long period to have a relationship with it that was anything like comparable to underwear.