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Reaction to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Reading "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was interesting for a few reasons. I agreed with the author's argument that the song was successful because it gave a voice to the inarticulable emotions many of its audience were experiencing. I can easily see how the screaming and mumbled lyrics and agressive instrumentation express the frustration and angst of young adults. The worst (or possibly best if it was intentional, but I don't think so) part of the essay, however, was the style of writing. In reading it there seemed to be a quote or citation in every other sentence. It completely ruined the flow of the paper and made it harder to read. What's more, most of the quoted material did little to further the argument the author was trying to make. Most of it was 'yeah, duh' information, opinion, or quotes of one or two words which provided little extra information to make up for the interruption in the flow of the paper. The author would have been better off to just come up with his own words to get the idea across. In some cases I even wonder if the citing was necessary. Surely the source author doesn't have a complete monopoly on that one word. At any rate, after the discussion of the Batman piece, I could see how this paper sort of mumbled through the details even though the message is perfectly clear is a parallel to the song being so inarticulate that it expresses the emotions very clearly. But, I think more likely it was just an inexperienced writer.