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Researching and Writing the Lit Review

I am co-presenting this Friday--we are planning on recording the session using Camtasia Relay as well.

Researching and Writing the Literature Review--Content and Process

Friday, October 2, 2009
Time: 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Location: 1-106 Hanson Hall

This workshop will focus on framing the literature review in the
context of the thesis or dissertation; narrowing the research scope;
searching for and organizing the materials; knowing when you are
done and resources available.

Dr. Scott Slattery, University Counseling and Consulting Services
Kate Peterson, University Libraries

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umnLibraries YouTube: Students Talk About the Libraries

The Information Literacy Toolkit is intended to help our librarians increase their knowledge of information literacy, share best practices, and facilitate creating high-quality learning materials. The toolkit includes sample lesson plans, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more. 

The Assignment Calculator breaks down research and writing projects into manageable steps based on the due date. With the new Beta version, instructors can adapt their own assignment from a bank of existing assignments (e.g. research paper, speech, video/media, lap report, etc.) or create their own from scratch. The beta is tied to the U of M authentication system, but librarians and others can take a look at it through a guest login and password. Stay tuned for an announcement about the release of the code.

More online tutorials and recorded workshops:
  A new Patents and Patentability tutorial was created by the Science and Engineering Library staff, and we have begun to record and post our face-to-face workshops such as RefWorks and Zotero. Over 1,000 students took our Unravel the Library 2 workshop online last spring during the pilot period. Quiz scores were comparable to the in-person version of the workshop.

Peer Research Consultant Program: A University of Minnesota Libraries partnership with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence and the SMART Learning Commons has resulted in the development and fall pilot of a Peer Research Consultant Program. This program ties together students preferences for getting help from their peers with their need to find good sources and build their library research skills. Based in the SMART Learning Commons, Peer Research Consultants (PRC) will meet one-on-one with students completing research assignments in the First Year Writing Program and other early writing courses. The PRCs have been recruited from a pool of diverse students with a strong academic record who have completed the WRIT 1301 course (or a similar course) with a grade of B or higher and who will undergo a rigorous training program in tutoring and research skills.



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