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PRCs at Cram Slam

PRCs will be offering walk-in hours on Saturday, December 12, 2009 on East Bank.
More information soon...

Table tents in Dining Halls

We just deployed over 350 table tents to all 6 of the campus Dining Halls (Bailey, Comstock, Pioneer, Sanford, Centennial, and Middlebrook)...they should be up for the next week.
photo 2.jpg

Picking up the pace

Wow, has this been a busy month for us PRC. We are getting waves of students. The advertisements are working maybe too well.. haha just kidding. I think it is wonderful to see so many students come in for help on their research. A lot of them have legitimate questions that before, they could not get help for. I am also personally growing and learning as a tutor on research and this could not be going any better!!!

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