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What does Google know?

google.jpgGoogle, Google Scholar, Google Books and the other Google tools are useful for personal and academic research. However, it is worth thinking about how Google works and what their agenda is and how that might effect their tools. Here is a recent story from NPR:

Google Knows A Lot About You, Then Forgets
All Things Considered, National Public Radio
oct. 2

"The core principle of Google since its founding was a separation of editorial and essentially advertising," Schmidt says. "From our perspective, we work very, very hard to keep the answers -- the natural search answers -- completely unbiased with respect to economics."

While advertisers can pay more in an effort to get a higher ranking of their ads, they do not have any impact on the answers the search engine generates, he says.

So how does Google rank its search content? Jonathan Rosenberg, a senior vice president from Google, wrote this in a blog post: "We won't and shouldn't try to stop the faceless scribes of drivel but we can move them to the back row of the arena."

Schmidt says a Google search recognizes that a lot of content is not useful. "We want our algorithm to recognize the stuff which has one view or one reader versus the stuff that is really used by an awful lot of people. And that's how we do our rankings."

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