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Click the videos below to hear what our undergraduate students have to say about the U of M, CFANS, the St. Paul campus, and much more! Videos feature members of the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) student organization.


Fabian Young, Agricultural and Food Business Management

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One of the reasons why I chose to come to the University of Minnesota is simply because it's not too close to home but not too far away either. I'm originally from Chicago, and I was looking for an experience outside of Illinois. It's kind of interesting my journey here to the University of Minnesota, because initially when I was considering college, the University of Minnesota wasn't even on my list, to be honest I didn't even know about the University of Minnesota. One of the ways that I became aware of the opportunities and programs here at the U is because of one of the admissions counselor, she emailed me and we just had this dialogue that spanned in a series of probably a hundred emails over the summer before my senior year of high school. We just started talking about my interest, and where and what I am looking for, and to me one of the most important factors for me was figuring out how the people would be at the school, and if the staff and faculty really care. And even with this one admission counselor, I got the sense that the University of Minnesota care for their students, and so that was a driving factor for why I even started to consider the University of Minnesota. Another factor of why I chose to come here is because of the funding I was able to receive. With a combination of funding from the University of Minnesota and private scholarships I was able to get a full ride, and that doesn't come by very often, and so that was one of the big reasons why I chose to come here. I guess the most important factor was my interest. I am currently a junior majoring in Agricultural Food Business Management and I have a minor in Entrepreneurial management. When I was looking into schools I was looking for a program that had a business program but more specific and specialized in terms of food. And here in CFANS, the College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, we have a program that pretty much combines the business and food management and that was one of the top reasons for why I chose CFANS. When you get to the University you have various different colleges, and with CFANS one of the things I like most about being here is that it's a smaller environment, and the university is large and even being in CFANS it makes it smaller, and then within CFANS you have groups like MANRRS and other student organizations. In particular MANRRS is a group I'm involved with and the thing I like most is that it even makes that community smaller. It really pairs you up with people who you can connect with people you can go to for help and advice; it's a very diverse group of people. You have opportunities that normally you wouldn't probably be aware of just by being part of MANRRS, like for example every year we have a national conference. Last year it was in Sacramento, my freshman year it was actually in Atlanta which is the first one I went to. Even that conference experience, it was a good experience for me just because I was able to meet new people, and I kind of learned about different career paths, and different places I could work with the major that I have. Also it was a bonding experience with my current MANRRS members. And that's one of the reasons, well that's pretty much the big thing that I feel is great about MANRRS.

Simone Harney, Environmental Science Policy and Management major

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Hi I am Simone Harney, and I am in the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, CFANS. I am a senior in Environmental Science Policy and Management with a minor in Sustainability. Here on campus I am involved in MANRRS, I am the president this year. MANRRS has impacted me because it gave me a group of diverse students that I could really affiliate with who are also in the same college, as me, and it's a really supportive group of people that have been able to support me through personal endeavors as well as academic and leadership. The thing I like most about MANRRS is that support group that is like build in within the college we take a lot of trips to the regional conference and national conferences, and that's probably the biggest impact MANRRS has played on my life, because at the national conference I was able to talk to people at the career fair and obtain an internship. That internship was with the fish and wild life service and the student conservation association, and that was really beneficial to get some hands on experiences in the actual field of environmental science, and it was a lot of fun.

Andrew King, Bio Products Marketing and Management and Bio Products Engineering

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Hi I am Andrew King; I am a sophomore at the University of Minnesota. I am a double major in Bio Products Marketing and Management and Bio Products Engineering. Both of these programs started in CFANS. Bio Products Engineering however moves on to CSE and upper division. And that's about all you really need to know about me for right now. Why did I choose the University of Minnesota? There are three parts I would say to that. The first was because I was a PSO student, if any of you know what PSO is; it's where you take college courses when you're in High school. I did them at the U, and I liked it a lot, so I decided to continue my education at the U because of that. Secondly, the credits won't transfer out of state, and that's another reason why I chose to stay at the U, because the credits stayed with the U. For the third reason, I wanted to watch wrestling. The University of Minnesota wrestling program is really good. So have I had any internships? I've had four internships so far as a sophomore, which is a lot if you consider how young I am. I've worked for Dr. Ruan, at the University of Minnesota; and Dr. Ruan is one of the faculty members of the bio products engineering program. He works with micro algae and turns it to bio diesel slash bio crudes, and basically my work there was helping them harvest algae from bio processors, and learning a bit more about polarisis and hydrolysis processes. My second internship was at 3M, 3M is Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining. It's a larger corporation that is currently internationally renowned, and basically what I did for that company was, I was an over glorified secretary. I crunched numbers for them, and put stuff in a calendar and stuff like that. Third internship, I worked over at the science museum, basic internship where I did just about the busy work practically. I did paper work, I did running around doing errands, but nothing really big, and for my fourth internship, I'm still currently doing that, I'm down at the Andrew Boss Lab of Meat working underneath Dr. Labuza. I was originally going to be working with anthrax and ricin, which are bio-terrorism agents, and their detection processes. But currently I am working on something less dangerous, and that would be alpha casing detection in meat sausages. Basically we are trying to figure out detection processes for contamination and other sources.






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