May 29th

We woke up the morning of May 29th to a much appreciated continental breakfast at the hostel. After eating our fill, we got ready to go. A few piano players among the group entertained us on a piano in the lobby just before departing.

Our first destination for the day was Dovre National Park. The park is mostly an area of high mountainous plateaus with bare rock and alpine plants. Wild reindeer, musk ox, and ptarmigan are just a few of the animals that can be found in Dovre. The group two years ago was lucky enough to see musk ox, the first time Tor had seen them in the park. We were told to keep our eyes peeled for any musk ox as we were driving. Well, Tor's eagle eyes spotted some movement on a hillside as we drove along. The bus stopped and sure enough Tor had found musk ox again. We all got out with cameras and binoculars. There were about 8 musk ox and a few baby musk ox grazing on the hillside. Even from a distance, you could tell the animals were big and very hairy.

After watching the musk ox for a while we headed down the road to our lunch spot. The lunch spot was a picnic area where we had a very chilly picnic. After eating, we went on a hike to the top of a foothill. All of us got to test out how waterproof our boots really were. The path was very wet at first and very steep towards the end. We got to the top of one of the many foothills in the area and some people headed on to a farther hilltop. The climb to the top was longer than it looked, but the view was well worth it. No trees at the top or even within a few miles meant we could see all around. The wind was a little cold on the peak, but we enjoyed the view that stretched a long way with snow capped mountains in the distance. We headed back down to the bus, some of us earlier than others, and decided to check out a report of musk ox near the road a few miles away. As luck would have it the musk ox were still there. We got a second viewing of musk ox, this time just across a small valley and river, close enough so you did not need binoculars to watch them.

The next stop was Roros, a mining town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We checked into the hotel which had rooms much like a hostel, two bunks to a room. Before dinner, we got the chance to explore the town a little bit. One highlight was the church built in 1780 which we were able to walk around, but unfortunately could not go in since it is being renovated. Dinner was excellent at one of the restaurants in town. People had everything from reindeer to cod. After enjoying dinner and conversation, everyone headed back to the hotel and relaxed before going to bed. All in all, another great day in Norway.

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