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June 2009: CFANS License for SPSS

Audience: The CFANS Community
Action: If you would like SPSS on a CFANS-owned computer, contact cfans.help@umn.edu.
URL: http://oit.cfans.umn.edu/admin/SPSS
Contact: cfans.help@umn.edu

SPSS available at no extra charge to CFANS community through college license

CFANS has purchased a college-wide license for SPSS Software (current version, SPSS 17). The license allows for installation of SPSS for Windows and SPSS for the Macintosh, as well as AMOS, an add-on for the Windows platform, on all computers owned by CFANS.

The license also allows for individuals to install and use SPSS on one 'home' computer in addition to their CFANS-owned computer.

If you have purchased or renewed SPSS in the 30 days before June 1, or any time after June 1, 2009, see the "Help for those who have recently purchased or renewed SPSS" section below.

How to Get SPSS

If you would like SPSS installed on a CFANS-owned computer, please contact CFANS-OIT at cfans.help@umn.edu.

If you are paid through CFANS and would like to install a copy of SPSS on your home computer, please send an e-mail message to software@umn.edu. OIT Software License staff will e-mail you a link to download the software, along with support information. Please include this information in your e-mail message:

o that you are employed by CFANS
o that you wish to exercise the "work at home" rights, and
o that you want access to the Windows or to the Macintosh version of SPSS.

Help for those who have recently purchased or renewed SPSS

If you purchased a new individual license for SPSS in the 30 days before June 1 or any time since June 1, 2009, OIT can offer a full refund of $125 per license.

If your individual licenses expired prior to June 1, 2009, you will need to be renewed through June 1, 2009, at $10.42 per month to be covered under the CFANS license.

If your renewal has not been processed yet, it will be processed using the prorated rate.

To request a refund or a prorated renewal, send an e-mail to slrenew@umn.edu, providing your EFS budget number. Specify that your University machine falls under the CFANS collegiate SPSS license.

More Information
If you have questions, contact cfans.help@umn.edu.

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