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Sunday, June 21, 2009, 9:00 a.m.: CFANS Server Maintenance

cfans01 (LAMP) web server users
Action: No action required
URLs: None
Contact: cfans.help@umn.edu

Outage Description
The cfans01 (LAMP) server will be unavailable on Sunday, June 21, 2009, beginning at 9:00 a.m. for maintenance. The initial outage should be brief, but adjustments may go on for several hours. After the initial outage, CFANS websites hosted on this server may be unavailable for brief periods during the day.

CFANS Websites Affected

* biorefining.cfans.umn.edu
* cfc.cfans.umn.edu
* cfhe.cfans.umn.edu
* childrens.wcroc.cfans.umn.edu
* cpsp.cfans.umn.edu
* forestecology.cfans.umn.edu
* fpmdi.cfans.umn.edu
* fwcb.cfans.umn.edu
* info.soils.umn.edu
* jdemo1.cfans.umn.edu
* jdemo2.cfans.umn.edu
* jdemo3.cfans.umn.edu
* kotzlab.cfans.umn.edu
* mfric.cfans.umn.edu
* ncap.cfans.umn.edu
* nrsm.cfans.umn.edu
* organicecology.umn.edu
* ppera.cfans.umn.edu
* rmzharvest.cfans.umn.edu
* sci.cfans.umn.edu
* sfec.cfans.umn.edu
* wq.cfans.umn.edu
* www.aim.umn.edu
* www.atmoschem.umn.edu
* www.bellmuseum.org
* www.biometeorology.umn.edu
* www.cesu.umn.edu
* www.cinram.umn.edu
* www.cladophora.umn.edu
* www.compost.umn.edu
* www.ecolirep.umn.edu
* www.environmentalscience.umn.edu
* www.espm.umn.edu
* www.forestry.umn.edu
* www.mesocosms.umn.edu
* www.mnpi.umn.edu
* www.mnstac.org
* www.mntca.org
* www.mnwetlands.umn.edu
* www.nitrogen.umn.edu
* www.nutrientmanagement.umn.edu
* www.prairieu.umn.edu
* www.precision.agri.umn.edu
* www.rhizobium.umn.edu
* www.soils.umn.edu
* www.sustainability.umn.edu
* www.trichopteralit.umn.edu
* www.waterbirds.umn.edu

CFANS OIT will migrate cfans01 (the LAMP server) from its current VMware cluster to a new cluster.

The actual outage is scheduled for between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 21 (in line with the other server maintenance happening this weekend), and is expected to take approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, the sites must be reconfigured once the move is complete, which may take some time during which individual sites may be unavailable for a period of time.

An all-clear message will be sent when the maintenance is complete.

Central Computing Operations needs to move all of these sites to a new physical server.

More Information
If you have questions, contact cfans.help@umn.edu.

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