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Update your wireless configuration to avoid interruption

Notice from University OIT.
Audience: University Community
Action: Update your wireless certificate
URLs: http://www.oit.umn.edu/wireless/setup-guides/index.htm
Contact: For help, call 1-HELP, or see OIT support

This applies to UMTC, UMR, and some extension sites. Those who use the U of M Secure wireless network on the Twin Cities campus will need to make a slight configuration change to continue connecting to the network. In February, OIT engineers are installing a new security certificate, used to authenticate the network, "wireless.netaccess.umn.edu." This means users must change their computer configuration settings to "trust" the "AddTrust External CA Root" certificate authority. After February, users may remove trust configurations for the previously used "Thawte Premium Server CA" certificate authority. For help configuring your computer, see wireless setup guides. For help, call 1-HELP, or see OIT support.

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