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UMContent Updates & Reminders


Copying links to sections in UMContent
There has been a change that has been impacting some of your links. When you "Link to a Section" (link to another page within your site) and you copy and paste from the Editor it will break the link. With these type of links you actually need to go into Source and copy the code and paste it into the Source of the page that you want it in. Make sure also to test your links once you have saved them.

Pasting from Word into UMContent
The editor was updated a while back and there are a few choices for pasting content into the Editor. You have, Paste, Paste as Plain Text, and Paste from Word. Make sure to use Paste from Word or Paste as Plain Text when you are copying and pasting content from a Word document. The Microsoft code can break the templates and cause technical issues that are time-consuming to resolve.


Use headings in outline order in UMContent
Although the headings may look a little weird in the editor, make sure to use them in the correct order. Most of the headings look different once you save them on the page. In all your sites the Title at the top should be heading 1 (which in many cases is already added when you name the page) and then your next title in the outline should be heading 2, and then heading 3, etc.

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