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Editing Ordered Lists in UMContent

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If you want to use both numbers and letters in your ordered list in UMContent follow these steps:

1. Select the text that you want to change to letters. Then right-click and select Numbered List Properties.


2. Enter the letter you want to start with. Select the type of numbered list you prefer (numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, etc.). Select OK.


3. Your list should then update, so now this list has both numbers and letters for the different list levels.


Sharing Wufoo Reports

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I've found that there are many times when I want to share the information that we have gathered with at least one other person or more. Sometimes with events I will share the information with someone who is working on coordinating different parts of the event. It's great to share survey results with a group of people who may be interested in the same information.

If you use Wufoo forms for gathering this information, here's some instructions on how to share your reports:

University of Minnesota