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Creating Anchors and Links in UMContent

You may find that you need to use anchors and links to help your users navigate through a long page or get them directly to a portion of content. Use these steps to help you insert an anchor into your page and then link to it.

If you would like to get a better look at any of these images, just click on them for the full version.

1) Place your cursor where you would like the anchor to be located. Then select the anchor button from the toolbar.


2) Enter the name of the anchor. This should be one word or you can use an underscore between words. Make sure to keep it something short.


3) Highlight the text that you want to link to the anchor that you have created. Then select the link tool from the toolbar.


4) Select "Link to the following URL". Enter the # (pound sign) and then the name you gave the anchor. (Make sure to have no spaces between the # and the text of your anchor name.) Then select the "Next" button.


5) Then select the "Finish" button at the bottom of the screen.


6) If you are linking to an anchor on another page, you can set up your link to a section like you normally do. Then you will just go into "Source" and find your link and add #grad (or # and the name of your anchor) before the end quote and after the bracket with the section number.


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