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Creating Anchors and Links in UMContent

You may find that you need to use anchors and links to help your users navigate through a long page or get them directly to a portion of content. Use these steps to help you insert an anchor into your page and then link to it.

If you would like to get a better look at any of these images, just click on them for the full version.

1) Place your cursor where you would like the anchor to be located. Then select the anchor button from the toolbar.


2) Enter the name of the anchor. This should be one word or you can use an underscore between words. Make sure to keep it something short.


3) Highlight the text that you want to link to the anchor that you have created. Then select the link tool from the toolbar.


4) Select "Link to the following URL". Enter the # (pound sign) and then the name you gave the anchor. (Make sure to have no spaces between the # and the text of your anchor name.) Then select the "Next" button.


5) Then select the "Finish" button at the bottom of the screen.


6) If you are linking to an anchor on another page, you can set up your link to a section like you normally do. Then you will just go into "Source" and find your link and add #grad (or # and the name of your anchor) before the end quote and after the bracket with the section number.


Updating UMContent Documents

If you just need to update a document in UMContent (and you do not need the previous version out on the web and you do not need to change the text), you can use these steps to update your document. The advantage to updating your document this way is that you do not have to go through the process of creating a new link and checking in a new document.

1) Log in to the UMContent server.


2) Search for the document you want to update in the content server.


3) Enter information for the search. I typically use the Author field and for Web Site Object Type I have all my documents set as Other.


4) Select the first icon under Actions. Then under the menu select Check Out.


5) Select the Check In button.


6) Under the Primary File field, browse for your document and locate it on your computer and select it.


7) Select Check In. After this step it should be loaded in the content server.


8) Select Content Info which is located next to the Content ID. By going into Content Info you can verify that your document has been uploaded.


9) You will see the Native File is now the new document you just checked in and it is now revision 2. If you want to go back to the previous document you can delete revision 2 (under Actions).


Editing Ordered Lists in UMContent

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If you want to use both numbers and letters in your ordered list in UMContent follow these steps:

1. Select the text that you want to change to letters. Then right-click and select Numbered List Properties.


2. Enter the letter you want to start with. Select the type of numbered list you prefer (numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, etc.). Select OK.


3. Your list should then update, so now this list has both numbers and letters for the different list levels.


Sharing Wufoo Reports

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I've found that there are many times when I want to share the information that we have gathered with at least one other person or more. Sometimes with events I will share the information with someone who is working on coordinating different parts of the event. It's great to share survey results with a group of people who may be interested in the same information.

If you use Wufoo forms for gathering this information, here's some instructions on how to share your reports:

UMContent Updates & Reminders


Copying links to sections in UMContent
There has been a change that has been impacting some of your links. When you "Link to a Section" (link to another page within your site) and you copy and paste from the Editor it will break the link. With these type of links you actually need to go into Source and copy the code and paste it into the Source of the page that you want it in. Make sure also to test your links once you have saved them.

Pasting from Word into UMContent
The editor was updated a while back and there are a few choices for pasting content into the Editor. You have, Paste, Paste as Plain Text, and Paste from Word. Make sure to use Paste from Word or Paste as Plain Text when you are copying and pasting content from a Word document. The Microsoft code can break the templates and cause technical issues that are time-consuming to resolve.


Use headings in outline order in UMContent
Although the headings may look a little weird in the editor, make sure to use them in the correct order. Most of the headings look different once you save them on the page. In all your sites the Title at the top should be heading 1 (which in many cases is already added when you name the page) and then your next title in the outline should be heading 2, and then heading 3, etc.

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