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Meghan_2009_web.jpgI began donating money to the Trans* Youth Support Network (TYSN, on a monthly basis this year. TYSN provides support as well as advocacy, education, and organizing for social change. In addition to finding a safe space and community, the youth of TYSN learn leadership and group facilitation skills and play a key role in determining the work of the group.

I was drawn to TYSN for several reasons. Young trans people in general can be very isolated and not necessarily safe in their own homes, let alone outside of them. The Cece McDonald case heightened my awareness of how young trans women of color are particularly vulnerable due to the combination of their race, gender, and transgender status (and often class). I also came to identify more with trans women as women after reading Julia Serano's book Whipping Girl where she described her own path and the concept of transmisogyny, the special hatred reserved for those who are both trans and women. I choose to support TYSN because I want my money to support empowering people who are among some of the most marginalized in our society.

* By trans, I mean "any person who challenges or crosses over their society's perceived gender roles and/or expectations." (TYSN website)

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