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5300_1165620070009_1238002_ cropped.jpgI sign up for workplace giving every year. And I always target my giving, usually to a variety of LGBT organizations. This year, I added a few dollars a check for an organization I have never considered supporting - Penumbra Theatre. I have rarely been to Penumbra. In fact, to be honest, I am not much of a theatre person. But I want to live in a community that has strong diverse institutions like Penumbra Theatre. Even if I never attend, hearing about the latest Penumbra production on the radio broadens my world and makes me feel good living here. I know Penumbra is in a financial crisis and has cancelled their performances. I know they are asking supporters to give small amounts and ask their friends to do the same. I can't fix the problem, but I feel really good about stepping out of my zone and helping.

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