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    On Feb 12th, we hosted our first virtual meeting of the FASD Diagnostic Consortium. The "webinar" was a very informative presentation given by Dr. Judith Eckerle Kang, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of MN and clinician at the Center for Global Peds/Int Adoption Clinic. Her topic was "FASD Facial Features and Neurocognitive Outcomes in the Post-Institutionalized Child", covering her experience in FASD diagnosis at the International Adoption Clinic and sharing with us her research methods and findings on FASD in the International Adoptee population. You can watch a recording of the webinar that took place by clicking on this link: **If you attended the meeting on 2/12 or if you have taken the time to watch the video link above, we'd like you to take a minute or two to complete this short feedback survey to help us improve subsequent webinars: Feel free to leave comments and add information to this posting below as well. You can also take a look at Dr. Kang's slides here: MOFAS webinar 2.12.2010 - Judith Eckerle Kang.ppt...
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    Hello! This is Mike, I work for the U of MN at the Center for Neurobehavioral Development. We're a research facility and community of faculty, students and staff all engaged in research in the field of child development. We have several faculty members currently doing clinical research on FASD, and we've been partnering with MOFAS on projects that we hope will expand our research program on FASD, and also inform other medical professionals, educators, parents and community members of what we're learning about FASD research and clinical practice. We're hoping this blog will provide an additional place for those of us involved in the FASD Diagnostic Consortium to share knowledge and experiences in working with children and families affected by FASD. Mary Jo and I will be posting things like virtual seminars, relevant articles, discussion topics and consortium news to this blog, and feel free to leave comments and post information you think would benefit the group as well. **It is important to note that this blog is intended for MOFAS FASD Diagnostic Consortium members only. Please do not give out the security password to non-members. Thank you. Also, this is the first time we've tried something like a blog, so please be sure to give us any feedback or suggestions as to how we can make this a more useful tool for the group. Thanks for participating! Mike...
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