• Posted Another Great Day! to Treks Explore
    It was great to hear and have a discussion around everyone's plans for the year. I feel very fortunate to have been part of this group and will be able to build upon the new knowledge and resources I have...
  • Posted Great Day! to Treks Explore
    Today was a day of pulling things together!! It was great to get my ideas written down and develop a structured plan. In our small group we had a great conversation and I was able to even further fine tune...
  • Posted Friday to Treks Explore
    I have had a great three days in Treks Explore! I have learned about many tools that will help me achieve my goal of adding more "interaction" in my 100% online course. I feel like today I have a very...
  • Posted First Day!! to Treks Explore
    Today was a great day of learning about new technology tools! I came into the Treks program with wanting to add a blog feature on Moodle but am I leaving today with many more tools that I want to explore...
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