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  • Posted Our last day to Treks Explore
    Great discussions on this final day. Nice to hear from each individual in the group their plans, hopes, concerns.....A lot of fun and thoughtful stuff happened all week. Thank you to co-participants, organizers and tech experts!...
  • Posted Monday (Day 4) to Treks Explore
    It was nice to have time today to focus concretely on developing project plans, and have a chance to talk through some aspects of a project with peers and IT fellows. A space and structure for facilitating discussion, workshop of,...
  • Posted Day 3 to Treks Explore
    It is amazing to get just a glimpse of all of the technology tools that are available. Some are of little interest to me, though seeing all of them makes me aware of the possibilities and capabilities that are around...
  • Posted Day 2 to Treks Explore
    Today was packed with a lot of info....all important, but a bit rushed and overwhelming. It is pretty amazing to have had 3 tech experts trying to help me figure out an assignment .... One that I thought would be...
  • Posted First Day to Treks Explore
    Today was a nice opening to both meeting other people in the college and thinking about how course objectives or classroom challenges might be addresses effectively using various tools. I appreciate the emphasis on sound pedagogy, rather than on the...
  • Posted First Day to Treks Explore
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