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  • Posted Many divorcing parents are open to reconciliation, new study finds to CEHD News
    There is a surprising level of interest in reconciliation among couples with children involved in the divorce process, something no research had examined before, according to a new study done by family social science researcher Bill Doherty in collaboration with...
  • Posted Test Entry: Awesome Meeting to FSOS Intranet Blog
    This is a test entry for a meeting. Amanda Brown will be hosting an awesome meeting on Wednesday morning. The meeting has a free-form format and is open for lively discussion. No RSVPs are necessary, but attendees are asked to...
  • Posted Test Entry: Undergrad Scholarship to FSOS Intranet Blog
    This is a test entry for an undergraduate scholarship opportunity. Details would be posted here. The Joe Doe Memorial Scholarship Fund is accepting applications for the Spring 2011 Semester. This scholarship is $5 per week for students committed to finding...
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