• Posted Advertising. Is It Really That Simple? to Sections 24 and 25 SP12 PSY 1001
    Advertisements, on the outside, seem simple and straightforward. The advertisers create something that showcases their product so that you want to buy it. Simple right? Not exactly. For decades, advertisers have been inserting things into advertisements to make you feel...
  • Commented on The Screen Adds Ten Pounds
    I found the second article you mentioned (this one) to be very interesting. Although it makes sense that when people don't use their pre-frontal cortex actively they become reckless and tend to take more risks, I don't think it is...
  • Commented on I Can Read Your Mind...I Think
    It's hard to believe any type of study that results in it working 7 out of 25 times, but yet, somehow, people still firmly believe in ESP. Although ESP isn't quite as prevalent as it once was, its practice can...
  • Posted Free Will: Is it Just a Compelling Illusion? to Sections 24 and 25 SP12 PSY 1001
    For many people, it is simply believed that we are free to do whatever we please. It is assumed that we can make our own decisions and have complete free will. We decide what we want to do and when...
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