• Posted Cellphone Radiation to PSY 1001 section 06-07 Spring 2012
    In our daily routine we tend to forget about the possible consequences of the little things we got so used to do and we would rarely think about them. Electronic devices are everywhere and some of them are radioactive. Heating...
  • Commented on Lucid Dreaming (Chapter 5)
    Thanks for your post. I really like the way you mentioned your own experiences too. I learned about lucid dreaming recently but thought it was too good to be true until I experienced it. try to spin around in circles...
  • Posted Chapter 6: Learning to PSY 1001 section 06-07 Spring 2012
    Chapter 6 is all about learning overall. The chapter starts by introducing classical conditioning and operant conditioning where the first is to associate an involuntary response with a stimulus and the latter is to associate a voluntary behavior to a...
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