• Posted The Big Five to PSY 1001 section 06-07 Spring 2012
    I was always pretty aware of what kind of personality I had, and after learning about the big 5 this year, I was able to put it into words. I'll remember this in 5 years because personality sticks with you...
  • Posted Effects of Nontraditional Families to PSY 1001 section 06-07 Spring 2012
    I found it interesting that they found different correlations of how children act based on why the kids had only 1 parent. Kids that lost a parent tended to be more emotionally distressed. Whereas kids that are missing a parent...
  • Posted Becoming Self-Aware to PSY 1001 section 06-07 Spring 2012
    I thought it was interesting when the question was brought up of where does consciousness begin? I had never really thought about it before, but watching the video is was interesting to see that it develops when we are about...
  • Posted Blog 1 Chapter 14 to PSY 1001 section 06-07 Spring 2012
    Chapter 14 discusses personality, what it is, how we can study it, and covers theories of personalities. I found most interesting the studies that were done on identical and fraternal twins. In the book there is a table of personality...
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