• Commented on Remembering Perception
    This blog caught my eye right away when i saw the heading of perception and then the photo that really makes your brain think. I liked how this was set up and was backed up visually with the picture and...
  • Posted Ego to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    Sigmund Freud's ego model in psychology has 3 parts. The first of three parts is ego of course which is the more organized part of someones personality structure. Sigmund stated that ego attempts to mediate between ID and reality. Basically...
  • Posted Memory chunks to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    This week in lecture we learned that 7 plus or minus 2 chunks is the "magic" number our short term memory would be able to store. Although what we consider chunks changes from person to person because of how people...
  • Posted selective awareness to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    During our last small group discussion i have watched a few selective awareness videos and i see what happens but that because i already know that it is a test for that. Yet ill be honest the first time i...
  • Posted The need to group to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    Chapter 13 was about social psychology more than anything and the main part was conformity and grouping. Human responses to social pressure are closely related to their own individual upbringing and to the cultural differences, but the main point being...
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