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  • Posted Liberals vs Conservatives: Who's Right? to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    Image from Desk of Brian Why exactly is it that liberals and conservatives don't seem to understand each other? Is one side just deluded? This NY Times article about social psychologist Jonathan Haidt's book The Righteous Mind: Why Good...
  • Commented on Baby Geniuses?
    I don't know much about this, but it makes sense to me that childhood amnesia would be connected to self-awareness. The chapter on memory talks a little bit about this - schemas, or frames of reference, are a big part...
  • Commented on ESP; survey says we believe in it!
    It's not all that surprising to me that many Americans believe in ESP. Regardless of the evidence, I think for many people it's kind of comforting and/or fun to believe in supernatural stuff, so it'll probably always be around. I...
  • Posted Phiten: Powerful or Placebo? to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    Nelzon Cruz, Bengie Molina, Mitch Moreland and Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers wearing Phiten necklaces. Source: If you catch baseball games from time to time, perhaps you've noticed players walking around wearing trendy-looking braided necklaces. They are...
  • Posted How Would You Rate Yourself? to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    How outgoing are you? How anxious are you? How would your friends describe you? In personality tests, we are asked these questions and more. Self-report measures are very popular, especially when it comes to personality. After all - don't...
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