• Posted Shaping to Wednesday Wanderings
    One of my childhood dreams is to train animals to do tricks, and this dream has come true. My favorite part in this semester is shaping, which has been proved to be useful after I trained my cat successfully. Shaping...
  • Posted Will you survive the next time? to Wednesday Wanderings
    I've never been an active person and I never like to leave my house. This might explain why I became totally confused when I was asked to finish the survival game. I never think about what should I do if...
  • Commented on CAFFEINE!!! Is it good of bad for you?
    This is really helpful! For some reasons I felt super super busy at the first couple of weeks of this semester, and I have to drink coffee to keep awake for more than 18 hours every day. But days later...
  • Posted Yoga, the invisible killer? to Wednesday Wanderings
    For a long time, yoga is my favorite way to keep slim and healthy. However, days ago I saw an article on a Chinese website and claimed that yoga was an invisible killer which would cause invisible harm to our...
  • Posted Chapter 8: Language, Thinking, and Reasoning. to Wednesday Wanderings
    In Chapter 8, we will mainly learn about how human's languages work, how our thinking and language related, and reasoning. The reading first talks about the features of language. This is mainly about the 6 different steps to make a...
  • Posted Punishments to Section 23 PSY1001 Fall 2011
    I know there might be a lot of differences between my country China and the US as a result of culture difference, including when they are trying to educate children. I have been experienced teachers punish students. Chinese teachers are...
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