• Posted A Scientific Experiment to Wednesday Wanderings
    The concept of what constitutes a sound scientific experiment is something I learned this year In Psychology that I will be most likely to remember in 5 years. I had a general idea of what made an experiment accurate, but...
  • Posted Persuasion Techniques of the Obama Campaign to Wednesday Wanderings
    Do you have student loans? I recommend watching this short clip of President Obama slow jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon last night. Humor and likability are persuasive ways to get people to vote for you. I think this technique...
  • Posted Is Sugar Bad For You? to Wednesday Wanderings
    I read three interesting articles on the health effects of sugar, which can be found linked below: "Is Sugar Toxic:" "Sweetener Myths:" "Sugar is bad For Your Health:" It is generally acknowledged that Americans eat too much sugar. But what...
  • Posted Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception to Wednesday Wanderings
    Chapter 4 is about how our bodies physically see, smell, hear, feel, and taste the world around us, and how our brains make sense of these input signals. Some people believe our senses go beyond these five, like being...
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