• Posted Psychology...What will I remember? to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    Throughout the past 4 months, I have learned a lot about the field of psychology. Combined with my first year of college, something I will most likely remember in five years would be related to the mere exposure effect. The...
  • Posted Give me food and water to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    In chapter 10, human development, human attachment is the emotional connection we share with those to whom we feel closest. These people protect us and give us food. This brings about a lot of questions in my mind. I'm wondering...
  • Posted I will become this man to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    Now I'm sure a lot of people have seen this legendary commercial with the epic old spice man, but never really gave it any thought, like me. I went out and bought old spice because after using this fine-smelling...
  • Posted Wine-Common Sense to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    In the beginning of the text, the topic of common sense will really intrigue anyone who reads it. One in particular is the idea that, "two glasses of wine a day is good for your heart." With this typical "common...
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