• Posted Reading assignment Homework 1 - Chapter 1 (Spring 2013) to Phys2021
    Please leave your responses as comments to this entry....
  • Posted Reading assignment 3 (Sections 7.1-7.3) to Phys2021
    Enter your comments and questions as relies....
  • Posted Reading assignment 2 (Sections 6.4-6.6) to Phys2021
    Please post your questions and comments as replies to this post....
  • Posted Reading assignment (Homework 7) - Schrodinger Equation to Phys2021
    Please post your entries as replies to this entry....
  • Commented on test
    test 1...
  • Posted test to Phys2021
  • Posted lab grades curving to Phys2011
    Lab grades for six sessions have been curved. You can see the "before" and "after" distributions here:
  • Posted more practice problems to Phys2011
    Several more practice problems were posted to the same file.
  • Posted Practice problems posted to Phys2011
    The first set of practice problems for the final are posted:
  • Posted pre-lab download to Phys2011
    Just in case you couldn't find it: The pre-lab that you need to download this week is on the Physics department web site:
  • Posted Homework 8 posted - due November 11 to Phys2011
    Homework 8 is posted at
  • Posted Simulation online to Phys2011
    I posted on the course web site a simulation that illustrates the concepts of torque, angular velocity and acceleration.
  • Posted Homework 7 posted - due November 4 to Phys2011
    Homework 7 is posted:
  • Posted Correction to Homework 6 to Phys2011
    If you already started on the homework, please re-check the web site. Problem 2 has been updated, as the initial version contained insufficient information....
  • Posted Homework 6 posted - due October 28 to Phys2011
    The next homework (due next Wednesday) is now posted on the course web site:
  • Posted More online simulations to Phys2011
    On the course material web page new links are posted to online simulations and games. They help get a better idea of how the velocity and acceleration vectors change during motion. Check them out....
  • Posted Mini-quiz 1 grades posted to Phys2011
    Grades for the first Mini-quiz are posted in e-gradebook....
  • Posted Notetaker needed to Phys2011
    Disability Resources asks for a notetaker for this class. Volunteer to do a good thing and get $$:
  • Posted Solutions to Homework 1 are posted to Phys2011
    Solutions to homework 1 problems are online at
  • Posted Tutoring help sessions to Phys2011
    Additional help sessions are available to improve your problem solving skills:
  • Posted Lab TAs contact information to Phys2011
    Contact information for your lab TAs is now posted on the web site:
  • Posted Homework posted - due Sep 16 to Phys2011
    The first homework assignment is posted at the course web site at It is due on Wednesday, September 16. Please, bring it to class on Wednesday and put it on my table before the class begins....
  • Posted Lab notebooks and pre-lab exercises to Phys2011
    1. Reminder: Along with the Laboratory Manual for General Physics, available in the UMD Bookstore, you need to get a lab notebook:8"x10" quadrille ruled, bound (not spiral or looseleaf) notebook found in the Bookstore and described in the lab manual. An...
  • Posted No labs in the first week to Phys2011
    Welcome to the course. This is a reminder that labs for this course do not meet during the first week of the semester. You can find the lab schedule at , by logging in from campus or via VPN....
  • Posted Comment before the course begins to Phys2011
    Here is your chance to leave a comment to the instructor before the beginning of the course. What are your expectations for the course? Do you find that you learn better when the instructor uses slides or the old-fashioned blackboard?...
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