• Commented on Reading assignment 2 (Sections 6.4-6.6)
    The angular momentum is quantized, and in Chapter 7 it takes values ranging from 0 to +/-L. But back in Chap 4 section 4-3 The Bohr model, angular momentum was also quantized but took values ranching from 1, 2,3. why...
  • Commented on Reading assignment 2 (Sections 6.4-6.6)
    Can the expected values take negative numbers ( in stats you can find situations were expectation is zero, negative or positive. Game of chance for instance. Just curious....
  • Commented on test
    At this level, the text book does not give a detail derivation of both the Classical wave equation and the Schrodinger equation but it does provide a solution to these differential equation. My concern at this moment is whether we...
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