• Posted Political Tinker Skit to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    here's the text i came up with on tuesday. whaddayathink? / who wants to be in this? (II.iii) Herman: Listen, Franz. You are still a young man and so you can't see so deep into things as the rest of...
  • Commented on Annotated Bibliography
    Erik's MLA biblio for our group (copy/pasted by Allie) Our bibliography thusfar. MLA(ed) Note - when compiling the full bibliography, titles are to be italicized. Comment function doesn't allow for this.. Works Cited Grose, Donald, and Franklin Kenworthy. A Mirror...
  • Commented on Proposal
    Eric, Thanks for posting this! I am going to copy and paste that into our "MLA" blog post. Thank you for your work. I also don't think we're going to be able to put things in alphabetical order until everyone...
  • Posted Annotated Bibliography to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    So here is the place where we will post our annotated bibliographies. All can edit as they see fit/complete their individual MLA sources and summaries. Marker, Frederick, and Lise-Lone Marker. A History of Scandinavian Theatre. New York: Cambridge University Press,...
  • Posted Proposal to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    1. 1722-1727 2. We plan to focus on the work of Ludvig Holberg and the rise and fall of Danish Comedy, which was also influenced largely by Renee Magnon de Montaigu. "The Political Tinker" was Holberg's first play, and thus...
  • Posted Bueller? Bueller? to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    Testing...1, 2, 3. Is this blog a real place? Or just a series of numbers floating in space?...
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