• Posted Ze Outline to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    Erik - Historical context of society Allie - Historical context of theatre scene (plus introducing argument / stating thesis) Rebecca - Introducing Holberg 1. Holberg has been named the foremost playwright of the 18th century in Scandinavia 2. Commissioned by...
  • Posted Format of the Presentation to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    Our presentation will blend the boundaries of lecture and theater by presenting an information packed look into the setting of 1720's Scandinavia. Through dramatic representation we will explore the rise and fall of Holberg's "Danish Comedy". Using costumes, props and...
  • Posted My page isn't publishing so I'll post here! to Scandinavian Theater Pre-1750
    Ludvig Holberg has been my primary topic of interest over the last week. In "The History of Scandinavian Theatre" he is mentioned as "the foremost playwright of the eighteenth century in Scandinavia." He came at a time of "revolution and...
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