• Posted Three Questions to Baroque Italian Opera
    1. Regarding the historical context, it is imperative that information on the Early Modern Period in Italy is communicated effectively, as this was a long series of a transitioning era throughout the world, as well it was in 1713. Being...
  • Posted Annotated Bibliography to Baroque Italian Opera
    Cross, Eric. The Late Operas of Antonio Vivaldi, 1727-1738, Volume One. Michigan: UMI Research Press, 1981 This book is fairly comprehensive of all of Vivaldi's life. It starts with a preface which goes into the purpose of the book: To...
  • Posted Format of our Presentation to Baroque Italian Opera
    Our group will be presenting our research in the form of a Powerpoint. Since we have focused on the work of Antonio Vivaldi, we will begin with some basic background information on his life and work (hopefully a fun fact...
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