• Posted Katie O'Neill Final Blog to Elizabethan Theatre
    Well. That was fun. All the research we did, we finally got to present to the class. If nothing else, this project made me exponentially more interested in Elizabethan Theater. It also drowned me in the abundance of information that...
  • Posted Katie O'Neill Blog 4 to Elizabethan Theatre
    After seeing the presentations on Tuesday, I feel like the groups did better keeping track of time and not being as flustered in front of the class. Honestly, I feel so bad critiquing the presentations of other groups because at...
  • Posted Katie O'Neill Blog 3 to Elizabethan Theatre
    For our presentation, I am going to open with talking about Marlowe's life and his religious upbringing. We refer a lot to his turning away from his religion in the presentation so we figured it would make sense for somebody...
  • Posted Assignment 4: Sculpt! to Elizabethan Theatre
    1. We'll organize the presenting of our presentation in a way that highlights what we have each researched, so each person will pick a scene from Faustus and argue a different aspect of our thesis based on our individual research....
  • Posted Annotated Bibliography for Christopher Marlowe: Life and Historical Contexts to Elizabethan Theatre
    Rutter, Tom. Cambridge Introduction to Christopher Marlowe. West Nyack, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 2012. ebrary collections. 15 Nov. 2012 This source tells a great deal about Marlowe's life. Although little is actually known about his life because there...
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