• Commented on Rhetoric Online Chapter 5 : Innertextuality
    no. i totally meant it as a " oh wow, this is really cool. I see this all the time, but i never stopped to really think about it" kinda thing....
  • Posted Rhetoric Online Chapter 5 : Innertextuality to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Wow, I must say , I've never really come across such a big DUH-moment in my life when it comes to rhetorical theory. I mean , basing one piece of rhetoric on another , drawing on its themes, implications, and...
  • Commented on Weaving the web blog 1
    yeah. i can see how all these acronyms can get to be a little overwhelming. I feel like Berners-Lee made an effort to make this book friendly to non-techie people , but a)it's kinda difficult to be non-technical when you're...
  • Posted Weaving the Web Blog. to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    In the first 4 chapters of "Weaving the Web", Berners-Lee gives an alternate , albeit accuarate perspective of how the internet was born. He talks about specific parts, like the WorldWideWeb, the http protocol, and URL's. Personally, I like how...
  • Commented on Super Secret Internet Stuff
    in regards to the original quote (i'm just too lazy to copy/paste it here), I also agree! Moreover, I also have a supported thought about why Google didn't want to give Blum access to that stuff. I really don't think...
  • Commented on Essay 2 Prompt
    Jason, would you say that the masculine nation is a concept the Gerstle sort of implicitly writes about in the book and thus we should really talk about it in our summary, or is it just one of those that...
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