• Posted Humanity, Evil, and the Internet to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Parmy Olson: WE ARE ANONYMOUS Chapters 1-3 "Ruining people's lives gave William a thrill, and a sense of power unlike anything he had felt in the outside world. The only other time he felt anything similar was when he would...
  • Posted The New way to be Networked and the Implication to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    The Peter and Trudy story in Chapter 1 of Networked by Rainee and Wellman proves that a significant shift has happened. On page 8, theres a powerful quote, "In generations past, people usually had small, tight social networks- in rural...
  • Posted www takes off and Berners-Lee sees success to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Blog Assignment- Week 5 Barners-Lee Ch. 9-12 Group A, 2/20 The World Wide Web finally happens, takes off, catches on, and the innovation curve (under Diffusion of Innovations Theory) proceeds: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards. Means of...
  • Commented on Reflection on 'Tubes' by Andrew Blum
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! As I take notes during a lecture in evernote to supplement the powerpoint, I feel disruptive and annoying because of the subtle noise the keypad on my laptop makes. It makes me think, "Wow, I...
  • Commented on The variety of connections throughout the Internet- Blog Week 2
    The reality that the "fiber-optic tubes, routers, and a variety of connection hubs" were manufactured by real humans in the real physical workplace is important because this non-physical "Internet" that has become about ideas, communication, knowledge, scientific progress, relaxing, enjoyment,...
  • Posted Reflection on 'Tubes' by Andrew Blum to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    There is a distinct difference between the physical world and the Internet. That difference should be honored. It is strange that uncovering the 'real, concrete, and verifiable' Internet fascinates Andrew Blum, but I realize that his inspiration to visit these...
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