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  • Posted Sunday Oct 6th and Monday Oct 7th Shifts to Walter Circulation
    Hey everybody! I'm trying to go out of town again this weekend, which means I'm seeing if anyone can take either my Sunday or Monday shifts again... The Sunday shift is 11:45am-6pm and the Monday from 6pm-12midnight. As always, I'm...
  • Posted Friday Sept 20th and Sunday Sept 23rd Shifts to Walter Circulation
    Hello everybody, I hope everyone's 2nd week of classes is going well so far! I have 2 shifts I've posted on the tradeboard on whentowork and was hoping to get some help taking care of them. The shift Friday is...
  • Posted 3-6 pm Wednesday, April 17th to Walter Circulation
    Hello all, I have a required in-person orientation I need to attend next Wednesday in order to study abroad in Spain this summer. The orientation is from 3-5 pm, so my current schedule is presenting a bit of a conflict....
  • Posted March 15th Friday Shift to Walter Circulation
    Hello everybody! I realize this isn't the greatest shift, but you would be doing me a huge favor if you took it! I have a friend traveling up from Missouri to come see me that weekend; she's not staying that...
  • Posted Friday Feb 1 Shift 4-9 pm to Walter Circulation
    Hello all, I know we've only just gone back to classes and are still settling into the groove of things, but I have a favor to ask. I would really like to go home to St. Louis for a Lady...
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