• Commented on Conformity at its Worst
    I do think today, racism is still occurring. Recently i have watched this video for a woman, who is doing a test to show that there is still racism and racists people right in your face everyday. Watching it made...
  • Commented on Computer Assisted Reporting Analysis
    I am completely agree with this idea, because when I hear about cases like this , it makes me think about where is the humanity. Because this is nothing to do with being legal or illegal, this is to do...
  • Commented on "Liking is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts" - Jonathan Franzen; "The Serfdom of Crowds" - Jaron Lanier
    I am completely agree with richa884 that "the internet has caused us to alter the way we socially interact, but it also causes us to ignore certain boundaries (religions, race, nationality) that once caused us to exhibit these "hive mind"...
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