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    The way I thought of this example was as follows: UCS-The shower water getting hot [stimulates an automatic response] UCR-Stepping out from the water because it burns [automatic response that does not need to be learned] CS-Hearing a toilet in...
  • Posted False Stimulation to Sections 24 and 25 SP12 PSY 1001
    Classic condition was first discovered by Ivan Pavlov. The idea is simple: pair two stimuli together to create the same reaction. The most famous example of this is his experiment with dogs. He paired to stimuli, food and a bell....
  • Posted What science really is to Sections 24 and 25 SP12 PSY 1001
    Science, as defined in the dictionary, is systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. But how do we know we are right? In text books there is an answer key for every problem. There...
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