• Posted If you can do it, I can do it to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    When I was recently reading the Psychology textbook, I came across a very interesting topic in chapter 13, which was on Social Psychology. On page 496, I came across the "social comparison theory," where we evaluate our abilities and beliefs...
  • Posted Please keep your distance to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    When reading our psychology textbook, I came across a section that really captured my attention: Personal Space. The term is coined "proxemics," and this idea really comes in to my life most every day. So this section discusses the four...
  • Posted The unfortunate truths of Alzheimer's to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    Alzheimer's disease is a form of extreme dementia associated with progressive loss in memory, ability to speak, and ability to think and judge properly. These are very broad symptoms. This disease is relatively common among older people, especially those of...
  • Commented on There are Two Sides to Every Brain
    I viewed the video of the spinning woman and I took the quiz on left-brained vs left-brain. I found that I could only view the woman spinning clockwise and no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't see the woman...
  • Posted Social Psychology to Psychology 1001 S23, Sp2012
    Chapter 13 is devoted entirely to the concept of Social Psychology, which is defined as the study of how people influence other's behavior, beliefs, and attitudes-for both good and bad. Reading about this subject matter in Psychology grabbed my attention...
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