• Commented on Tuna tied to Salmonella outbreak
    I think I will not eat sushi for awhile. I hope they can do something soon to prevent all these. Thank you for informing us. Company...
  • Commented on Vikings' stadium plan in trouble.
    This is sad to hear, i hope they can sort it out about the Vikings stadium, because it will be good if the public subsidy plan goes well. Companies...
  • Commented on Less is More
    This is absolutely right, I am trying to do it with my son sometimes, but it is really difficult when there are so many ways for him to keep doing it when he is not at home. I hope he...
  • Commented on April 2012
    Congratulations Mike, it makes me so happy reading about the awarded students from University of Rochester. It makes me proud that my son is Studying there as well at Biomedical Engineering. Welcome to Christina as well, I wish you all...
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