• Commented on To soft, to hard, or Just right?
    My opinion is that the right approach is somewhere in the middle of these three styles of parenting. Balance is essential as far as parents -children relationships are concerned.Great post! Storage...
  • Commented on Analysis on records.
    I agree that it is very essential for a reporter to know how to create a visual graphic describing in an attractive way what have happened. All the mentioned skills are also important for his challenging job. Storage...
  • Commented on The Feeding-Tube Diet
    Basically, I am against any kind of diets cause I believe that our body need all kind of substances to be health enough and diets are pretty dangerous for our development. But in order to look better women do crazy...
  • Commented on Optical Illusions and Visual Perception
    Reading that reminds me of a book I have read recently called the Night Circus. There are described various methods of the illusions art and it is obvious that they all are based on science not on magic. Great post!...
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