• Posted High 5 to the Big 5 to PSY 1001 Section 18 Spring 2012
    I think the psychological concept I will remember five years from now is the Big Five Model of Personality. For one thing, we spent a lot of time talking about personality, and even took an online survey to find out...
  • Posted Parenting Styles - Which one is best? to PSY 1001 Section 18 Spring 2012
    Every week on Dr. Phil there is always at least one mother who cannot seem to handle her child. Majority of the time, this mother usually parents permissively. Something else we see constantly on TV shows are authoritarian parents who...
  • Posted Neurotransmitters and Mood to PSY 1001 Section 18 Spring 2012
    I think it is safe to say that the most interesting organ in the body is also the most confusing. Even when you understand all the functions of the brain, it is really difficult to comprehend how quickly all these...
  • Commented on Blog 2
    I also think that the placebo effect is kind of odd, but also makes sense. It may not always be obvious, but how we think often influences how we feel. Obviously one cannot expect to feel confident when they are...
  • Commented on Blog 2: Nature Vs. Nurture
    I agree with Barnes. Though I don't think that there is a "crime gene", I agree with the idea that some of us are born with genes that could potentially predispose us to criminal behavior. For example, serial killers may...
  • Posted Why Things Grow On You to PSY 1001 Section 18 Spring 2012
    "One day, one night, Saturday's all right..." I think it's safe to say that everyone knows this song, considering that the National American University jingle is played on the radio and on television constantly. Chances are, too, that you find...
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