• Commented on An Internet disguise
    When I first saw this ad, I would not have imagined this being an ad against scams. I saw this as being a possible way to teach children about the dangers of talking to strangers online. As you pointed out,...
  • Commented on You, sir, are a liar and a scoundrel.
    I like the show as well, but it sometimes seems a little staged. To me, it doesn't seem possible to pick up on some of the tiny details. I think using emotions to try to predict lying makes more sense....
  • Commented on Minnesota, eh?
    I know exactly what you mean about the cultural differences! I grew up in Minnesota,but moved to Ohio for high school. The "Minnesota Nice" is something easily taken for granted! The video might have been slightly over the top, but...
  • Posted The Perks of Being Blind to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    Chapter 2 discussed different methods of gathering information for studies, specifically experimental designs. I was especially attracted to the idea of studies being double-blind. This meaning that both the researcher and participants are not aware of who is in the...
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