• Commented on Ground Hog Day (The Movie) I've figured it out!
    I agree with govek002, I don't think that this could play out in modern society, but in a remote agrarian area without any commercial businesses or other functions that couldn't operate under these conditions, I could see the possibility of...
  • Posted ESP: Proven by science! to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    I couldn't help but be skeptical of the title of this article when I stumbled across it: Scientific Proof ESP is Real, as featured on After reading the article I found that it made extraordinary claims which are not...
  • Posted Pavlov: Best in show-chapter 6 to Psy 1001 section 26 Spring 2012
    During the 19th century a group of thinkers called the British Associationists believed in the idea that we can attribute practically all of our knowledge to conditioning, by connecting one stimulus with another, such as associating a mother's voice with...
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