• Posted Week #4-Final Entry to Spanish Golden Age
    I felt pretty good about our presentation. I thought that our information was focused and comprehensible. We had a solid overview of the Spanish Golden Age itself, and how the events that occurred affected how theater and playwriting evolved because...
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    Morales, Delgado. The Calderónian Stage. Body and Soul. London: Lewisburg Bucknell University Press, London Associated University Presses. 1997. Print. This text is a series of essays discussing various aspects of staging Calderon's plays during the Golden Age. The essays are...
  • Posted Week #3 to Spanish Golden Age
    This week we wanted to focus on putting everything together. I was ill, so I wasn't in class, but Cate kindly filled me in on what I needed to do and what the goal of today was. I just needed...
  • Posted Week #2 to Spanish Golden Age
    I've been thinking about the best way to find some critiques and reviews of Calderon's and other Spanish theater playwrights. I wanted to find some variety in critiques of the plays and specifically Life Is a Dream. I think it...
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